Social Media and Craft Beer- A Love Story

Craft beer has taken the country by storm over the past several years. The craze can in fact be the undoing of certain microbrews- how is a customer to choose from a list of 100+? The 170 beers Sam Adams commercial comes to mind. When faced with a huge beer list just say “I’ll have a Sam Adams”.

  Moreover, what’s a brewpub to do? They may want to serve a great local beer but practically speaking they have the bottom line to think about. Of course it doesn’t help that part of the Craft Beer craze is to come up with the most bizzare names possible. If I saw “Heady Topper” on a draft list I would probably laugh but pass it up for one of my tried and true favs. Little would I know that I just passed up  the top rated beer on Beer

Enter Taplistera website with a mobile app dedicated to connecting the public to the world of craftbeer and, most importantly, the brewpubs that serve them. In a recent article in Entrepreneur, Kerry Finsand the CEO emphasizes the goal of educating the public. “If we can convert people from a Coors Light to a Blue Moon, then to a Pliny the Elder by Russian River, we’re really excited.”

Here’s how it works:  

 For a more in depth look at their business model (which I personally find pretty intriguing and promising) check out their October 2, 2012 press release announcing the nationwide launch of the site. 

From a social media perspective, Taplister is absolutely a business to follow. Social is all about creating relationships and then leveraging them to mutual benefit and this is exactly what Taplister has done. 

Check out and follow them on Twitter @Taplister

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