Why You, Yes You, Should Join a Tweetchat

I know your secret. You want to be “that person”. The one that everyone follows on twitter for industry advice and information. But let’s be honest, unless you have the offline cred (journalist, on the speaking circuit, celebrity, etc.) then you can probably forget it. Of course you could do a video that goes viral, run a humorous account that goes big, or have an unusually grumpy cat but that’s pretty unlikely.

For most of us, getting to that gold standard of “influencer” takes a lot of time and effort. You have to build the right audience and create the right content. The former requires lots of strategic following and unfollowing. Tools such as JustUnfollow and Tweepi are very useful. The latter requires a content strategy such as creating a blog, using Instagram, Pinterest,Vine, and other multimedia sharing options.

Yet that only takes care of the broadcasting element. Your strategy won’t be worth beans if you don’t interact. As any social strategist knows, you can get a lot of traction by retweeting content and then thanking people when they follow or retweet you. You can also reply to people on your twitter feed and sometimes strike up a cool conversation. That will get you known in some smaller circles and you can definitely work it to drive traffic to your blog and get your content shared more widely. That can lead to larger circles and more connections. You can of course also live tweet from events which similarly can put you on the radar and get you connections. These are all great tried and true social strategies and they will absolutely garner you attention and increased influence.

 But if you want to take your strategy to the next level you really need to get in on the world of the Tweetchat. Here’s why:

  1.  They provide you with an opportunity to show your knowledge in a given space. It’s all the more beneficial if you choose a tweet chat that is in line with the content you create because it adds to your reputation as an influencer and thought leader.
  2. It creates content! Of course make sure you send out the obligatory tweet to your followers that you’ll be spamming their feeds because you’re on such and such a chat, BUT there’s a strong chance that some of your followers may end up also joining the chat because they have a common interest. And that reaffirms the sentiment that you’re the person to follow.
  3. Tweetchats give you access to influencers with whom you otherwise might not be able to converse. If you say things that are insightful they may retweet it to their followers- and that’s a powerful validation.
  4. Finally, they provide you with an additional point of contact to members of your community. Saying “Thanks for the RT” or “really enjoyed your insights” after the chat may well spark a further conversation and access.

 Of course at the end of the day like everything in social media, it’s all up to you. You have to prove that you know what you’re talking about and you have to interact and you have to make the contacts. But being strategic about those interactions is the name of the game and tweetchats are a fantastic way to go.

Check out Tweetchat for a list of tweet chats going on as well as some great resources for getting started! 

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