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Meet Suzie

Suzie McCarthy is Head of Social Strategy, North America at Oracle and Adjunct Instructor at NYU where she currently teaches Social Media and the Brand in the School of Professional Studies. Her social strategy work is informed by her extensive training as a social scientist in both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Suzie is passionate about bringing together disparate individuals together in online communities and empowering them to accomplish great things together. She was able to demonstrate this during the reinstatement of the first female president of the University of Virginia in 2012. She firmly believes that social media has the power to give a voice to the voiceless.

Until May 2016, she was the Senior Social Strategist at PureMatter, where in addition to creating strategy for clients such as IBM and Cisco she also managed PureMatter content marketing and CRM. She also oversaw Bryan Kramer’s social media challenge during his TED@IBM talk.

In November 2014, she worked on the team that crafted the influencer marketing strategy for the launch of IBM Verse. Her team brought a group of 30 individuals identified to be influential thought-leaders in the Futurist space, to New York City for a 3-day event aimed at amplifying the Verse launch and, in particular, IBM’s #NewWaytoWork messaging campaign. By the time she left PureMatter, 1.5 years later, this group blossomed into a 100+ strong community of influencers spanning niches from HR to leadership to entrepreneurship to social business to marketing. It also led the IBM Commerce team to develop a sister program called #NewWaytoEngage.

Prior to PureMatter, she worked as Director of Community and Social Strategy at Social Media Today. While there she managed and oversaw the management of its four sister sites including their influencer program.  She also programmed the 2013 Social Shake-Up event in Atlanta.

Check out her resume here and connect on LinkedIn!

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